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Do you know an easy way to manage your business’s online reputation, with no time invested?

What we do is I offer a powerful reputation management software to small businesses which seamlessly allows them to collect more 4-5 Star online reviews from their customers on Google, Facebook, and other online sites.

How IMPORTANT are online reviews to YOUR business?

Did you know that 97% of people read online reviews? Do you?

This affordable software runs on auto-pilot, so it saves business owners time, and it allows their customers easy and fast ways to give reviews, as well as provide the business owner with valuable feedback from their customers.

Did you know, that the MORE recent and relevant reviews a business receives, Google views this as MORE trusted local content? More “TLC” means better SEO and more key words over time, which results in better Google rankings.

So let’s just say that customers find YOUR business instead of a competitor’s business…

The software itself is also completely customizable and includes a professionally-branded dashboard which allows for custom messaging to YOUR customers, and even helps you keep track of YOUR competitors, in addition to providing you with an internal rating system of how well your business is actually doing- where the feedback helps you improve on areas of your business that may be lacking, insufficient, or just not up to par…

Right now we are offering small businesses a FREE, 7-Day Trial of the software…

Click on the Link below to get your Free Trial    

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