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Our team of underwriters has decades of combined knowledge and experience. We realized that underwriting is the most crucial step in the qualification process. That is why we have teamed up with leading underwriters in the industry. Our expertise will handle your application in a professional and timely manner at the highest levels of accuracy to help you find multiple sources of funding.


Necessary Documents


  • At least 6 months in business.

  • No open bankruptcy.

  • 1 year lease.

  • Average about $10,000 in revenue (exceptions are case related).

  • Complete loan application.

  • Photo ID.

  • Lease contract (upon request).

  • 4 months of bank statements.

  • Once proper documentation is provided it takes less than 24 hours for an approval.

  • Funding as fast as 1day .

  • No restrictions on use of funds.

  • One of the easiest business lending sources.

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